Details of Ozan SuperApp: Aiming to Expand from Turkey to the Global Scene | Webrazzi | April 2021

The SuperApp concept, a trend first emerged in Asia, is becoming more popular every day. Aiming to facilitate payments and financial services by combining many features in a single application, SuperApps may be the future of mobile applications.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Ozan Electronic Money, which was established in Istanbul in 2019, and the company’s Ozan SuperApp. Founded by Dr Ozan Özerk, who is also the founder of the European Merchant Bank licensed by the European Central Bank and the FCA licensed BaaS initiative OpenPayd, Ozan Electronic Money is currently managed by a team of 40 people.

Let’s take a closer look at Ozan Electronic Money, which was established in Istanbul in 2019, and the company’s Ozan SuperApp. 

Ömer Suner, whom Webrazzi readers are already familiar with. With Ozan SuperApp, the global fintech Ozan aims to bring financial services together with other areas that are part of our everyday lives such as messaging, e-commerce and entertainment. We should also note that Ozan has offices in London and Sofia as well as Istanbul.

Ozan SuperApp divides its financial service operations into two categories: traditional financial services and innovative financial services. Ozan SuperApp currently has various features such as opening TRY, USD, and EUR accounts, money transfers between Ozan SuperApps, and making and receiving payments with a QR code. New features will be added to the application in the near future. Key features such as gold trading, foreign exchange trading, micro-credit, and scoring are planned to be added to the platform.

Ozan SuperApp aims to offer more features to its users with new collaborations and is open to cooperation with all players in the industry to that end. Ozan SuperApp, which wants to compete with major SuperApps such as Alipay, WeChat, and PayTM, regards cash as its biggest competitor.

Aiming to be a fintech that understands the needs of the new generation and offers solutions for them, Ozan will also offer features and services that will facilitate the everyday lives of its users via Ozan SuperApp. Another service currently active on the platform is named “Ozan Mode: ON“. This service, which aims to offer solutions in the field of entertainment, allows you to purchase subscriptions to leading games and services.

According to Ozan Electronic Money CEO Ömer Suner, various other features and services will soon be added to Ozan SuperApp, such as loading credits to Istanbul’s public transportation card Istanbulkart, purchasing bus and flight tickets, and purchasing movie and theater tickets, online grocery shopping and food services.

It should also be noted that Ozan SuperApp will give Cashback to its users in almost every transaction they make. In addition to this, Ozan SuperApp will charge no transaction fees for almost all of the financial services it offers. Aiming to enrich its platform with simple and user-friendly services, Ozan is planning to add these features to the app by the end of 2021.

Also assertive about customer experience, Ozan works with Webhelp for its call centre solutions and aims to actively use the chatbot technology. Ozan is preparing to launch its prepaid card and will cooperate with Troy, Visa, and Mastercard in this field. The initiative attaches great importance to QR payment technology and will provide softPOS and AndroidPOS to member businesses in the future.

Ozan will be able to quickly launch its new features abroad thanks to the various licenses it has in Europe and the US. You can access Ozan SuperApp for Android here and for iOS here.