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Great Investment in Turkey From Global Fintech Ozan SuperApp | Daily Sabah | Jan 2022


Stating that they designed OZAN SUPERAPP as a SuperApp where financial transactions can be managed from a single outlet, Ozan Electronic Money CEO Ömer Suner said, “Ozan SuperApp offers its users financial and lifestyle services that facilitate daily life.” Suner expressed that Ozan SuperApp is about to complete their works to enter the UK and EU markets in 2022 and added the following:

“Ozan SuperApp, which serves as a global fintech, has its headquarters in London and its R&D office in Istanbul. Our founding year, 2020, has been a preparation period for us. We have established a very strong and visionary team, each of whom is an expert in their field. We aim to be the number one payment solution for all gamers with our “SuperCard“, which we will introduce to our users soon. The products developed by our experienced team enable different opportunities for people in the gaming community. Ozan SuperApp, which has become a part of gamers’ lives, contributes to the development of the gamer culture and ecosystem and aims to disseminate this to the public.