Ömer Suner, Ozan SuperApp, WebHelp İşbirliği

Ozan Electronic Money cooperates with Webhelp | Maxi Haber | August 2021

Ozan Electronic Money has made an agreement with the Turkey office of Webhelp, a global BPO company operating in 55 countries. The signing ceremony for the cooperation was held on 12 August 2021 with the participation of Ozan Electronic Money CEO Ömer Suner and Webhelp Turkey & Jordan CEO Metin Tarakçı. As a result of the cooperation, calls made to Ozan Electronic Money will be answered immediately, thus necessary information can be obtained quickly and transactions can be made accordingly. Users will be able to easily carry out their transactions in the call centre from anywhere, including from abroad in the future. This cooperation, which will make a significant contribution to the user experience processes of Ozan Electronic Money, will also cover the field of remote customer acquisition.

Suner: “We will implement remote customer acquisition”

Ozan Electronic Money CEO Ömer Suner said, “As Ozan Electronic Money, we are happy to have signed this valuable cooperation agreement with Webhelp. Webhelp is the best player in its field, which has proven its adequacy on the global platform. Since we have major global goals, Webhelp has been the only solution partner that came to our minds at this point. I am very confident that we will undertake important works both in Turkey and in the world thanks to this cooperation. In addition, we plan to implement remote customer acquisition for our users in the near future. At this point, we will receive services from Webhelp. When users register the Ozan SuperApp, they will make a video call with Webhelp customer advisors. Aside from that, we will work with Webhelp, which is a global call centre solution, while opening Ozan SuperApp to global markets in the coming months. We would like to thank all our colleagues who contributed to the cooperation. We will continue to cooperate with global brands and institutions without slowing down.”

Tarakçı: “We will continue to grow together”

Webhelp Turkey & Jordan CEO Metin Tarakçı said, “As Webhelp, we attach great importance to contributing to our business partners’ growth targets and building brand loyalty. Our business partnership with Ozan Electronic Money will continue with the harmony achieved together and successful projects developed. We believe that we will undertake even more valuable works in the coming years and will continue to grow together thanks to the vast experience of Webhelp and the innovative approach of Ozan Electronic Money, which makes important collaborations with leading companies in its sector and takes firm steps towards growth not only in Turkey but also on the international platform.”