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Ozan SuperApp aims to be an indispensable product for gamers in Turkey | KOBI Aktuel | Jan 2022

Global fintech Ozan SuperApp, with its headquarters in London and its R&D office in Istanbul, has made a rapid entry into the Turkish market with its expert team of 70 people. Ozan SuperApp, which has electronic money licenses from UK-based FCA and Turkey’s Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) as well as memberships to BKM & Troy, Visa, Mastercard and Union Pay, continues its preparations to enter the EU and US markets after the UK and Turkey with the SuperCard it will launch in January 2022. Ozan SuperApp team is also preparing to introduce its new SuperCard product to its users in Turkey for the first time in January 2022. Stating that they aim to reach 1 million active users in 2022, Ozan Electronic Money CEO Ömer Suner said, “We provide our users with financial services in the global arena with our Ozan SuperApp and Ozan Business products. We have designed Ozan SuperApp as a platform for Gen-Z users where they can manage their various financial transactions from a single outlet. With our products, we bring innovative payment methods to the sector. Thanks to our global licensing network, we remove borders and enable fast and simple financial transactions anywhere in the world.”

Global fintech investments exceed $29.8 billion 

Expressing that 15 million people in Turkey and more than 2 billion people in the world cannot benefit from banking services, Suner added, “Our headquarters are in London and our R&D office is located in Istanbul. We also have offices in the US, Sofia and Malta. As the Ozan SuperApp team, we aim to offer global fintech solutions to our users in all the regions where we have licenses. A rapid growth trend is observed in the fintech sector worldwide. When we look at the KPMG report, we see that fintech investments made in the first and second quarters of 2021 accounted for 93 percent of last year’s total funding. Besides, the fintech market has exceeded $5.5 trillion in total. In our country, an investment of $139 million in total has been made in fintechs with rapid growth. Today, when we look at the start-ups other than fintech that receive the highest rate of investment, we see the gaming industry at the top of the list.”

It will make life easier for 35 million gamers

Stating that Ozan SuperApp offers financial services that make daily life easier for its users, Suner said, “Designed specifically for the gaming community, Ozan SuperApp aims to provide access for 35 million gamers in Turkey and to support them in other aspects aside from game-related concerns. Ozan SuperApp’s target audience is Gen-Z gamers. Ozan SuperApp users can open TL/USD/EUR accounts, create virtual cards, send and receive money between accounts and transfer money to their own bank accounts via SuperApp. The SuperApp also offers the opportunity to pay with a QR code and provides cashback earnings in payments.” Suner added that the Ozan Business product, which offers Virtual POS, Android POS and Payment Gateway solutions for SMEs, started its operations in Turkey in January 2021 and completed the year with a transaction volume of 3.7 billion TL with rapid growth. The company aims to become the number one payment solution for gamers.