Ömer Suner, Ozan Elektronik Para, Insha Ventures

Strategic cooperation between Insha Ventures and Ozan Electronic Money | Haberturk | February 2021

Operating as a FinTech startup founder, Insha Ventures has signed a strategic partnership in the field of open banking with Ozan Electronic Money, which offers financial services to individual users and SMEs. According to the statement issued, thanks to this cooperation, Ozan SuperApp users will be able to benefit from many financial services in a fast and secure manner in Ozan SuperApp, including buying or selling precious metals, bill payments, foreign exchange, and virtual IBAN, via Albaraka API platform infrastructure.

Ozan Electronic Money, which offers new generation financial services to individuals and institutions, made a strategic cooperation in the field of open banking with Insha Ventures, which is a subsidiary of Albaraka Turk Participation Bank, and started operating in 2020 as Turkey’s first FinTech venture founder.

Thanks to the strategic cooperation that enables the addition of Albaraka API Platform infrastructure to Ozan SuperApp, Ozan SuperApp users will now be able to perform many transactions such as 24/7 money transfers, buying or selling precious metals, foreign exchange, and bill payments.

Evaluating the cooperation of Ozan Electronic Money and Insha Ventures, Albaraka Turk Chief Executive Officer Melikşah Utku said, “We continue to be the leader of open banking in Turkey with the Albaraka API platform, which we initiated with the motto to ‘build the digital banking products of the future together’. I find this cooperation of Insha Ventures and Ozan Electronic Money very valuable and believe that it will make great contributions to the financial technology ecosystem.”

Underlining that Insha Ventures plays a key role in the development of the fintech ecosystem in Turkey, Insha Ventures Chief Executive Officer Yakup Sezer said, “We support SuperApps by providing infrastructure with our APIs in the categories of account, investment products, payments, and money transfer. Thanks to this cooperation, we will ensure that our Albaraka Open Banking Platform and Ozan SuperApp’s users are provided with many products such as account transactions, 24/7 money transfer, precious metals trading, foreign exchange trading, and bill payments.”

Ozan Electronic Money CEO Ömer Suner said, “With Ozan SuperApp, we aim to bring our users together with financial service applications that we have developed in-house and implemented with our business partners who are leaders in their field. This strategic business partnership with Insha Ventures, which is followed by our Visa membership that we announced last week, is an outcome of our cooperation culture, to which we attach utmost importance in our company.”