The gaming community is our priority | Fast Company | February 2022

Ozan Electronic Money is a “born-digital” company by definition. The company’s CEO Ömer Suner says that they benefit from all the technological opportunities. Suner states that in the new period, they will prioritize professionals and particularly focus on the gaming community as their target audience. He said, “We are designing Ozan SuperApp by specifically targeting the gaming community. There are 35 million gamers in Turkey.”

In the last two years, companies have had to make serious changes in their way of doing business and their priorities, partly due to the pressure of the negative circumstances brought by the pandemic. In many sectors, traditional business processes have been replaced by advanced technologies that keep up with the digital age.

Since its establishment, our company has prioritized using advanced technologies not because of the pandemic but due to its vision of being a global fintech that would introduce innovations in business processes. We have a structure that enables us to carry out our business processes both remotely and physically. We have offices in different parts of the world and dozens of employees who work remotely. From the very beginning, we have designed all our business processes to work effectively both in the physical workplace and remotely.

The year 2020, when the impacts of the pandemic reached a pinnacle, provided us the opportunity to test this structure. Over the course of this period, we have changed our habits and cultivated new behaviors. While developing our products, we made our plans by taking these new habits into consideration.


Our sector requires us to react quickly to the changes and to act in accordance with the latest global trends. In the midst of this mobility, it is very important to stay up to date, ensure effective project management and stick to the deadlines. We show great care in providing our employees with all the tools that will enable them to work in harmony regardless of time and place, and to manage their time and projects effectively. We have observed that the new generation business processes we have implemented and the optimizations we have brought to these processes have been positively met by our colleagues. With this structure, we have even gone beyond the targets we wanted to achieve. The research we carried out within the company showed that our flexible structure has improved the motivation of our employees. 


In addition, thanks to this system, we observed an increase in applications for the newly opened positions. As a “born-digital” global fintech, we benefit from all the advantages offered by new technologies.

Our structure does not try to fit into traditional patterns and does not operate within certain limits. On the contrary, we have a structure that is constantly up-to-date and aims to make life easier. This difference we have created in the corporate culture has brought success and efficiency to our business processes.


We will continue our investments in parallel with the pace of development of the fintech industry. The technologies that can meet the needs of our employees are among the first investments we are planning to make. We always listen to our employees and include all kinds of hardware and software tools according to their needs and expectations.

Our company has various incentive and reward programs to improve the dissemination of corporate entrepreneurship. We want to disseminate these efforts not only among our employees with a high entrepreneurial spirit, but within the entire company with the aim of making them a part of our corporate culture. In this way, we wish to help all our colleagues realize their true potential. Thus, we think that gamification services will be very important for us in the upcoming period.

We have many ongoing projects addressing our users. In these projects, we offer innovative solutions such as receiving payments via QR code or messaging methods. We offer a variety of financial and lifestyle services to our users and customers that will facilitate their daily activities, including messaging applications, e-commerce, purchasing flight tickets and ordering groceries.

We are building Ozan SuperApp by specifically targeting the gaming community. There are 35 million “Gamers” in Turkey. In addition to ensuring that gamers can access the gaming world through Ozan SuperApp, we aim to support them in all the other aspects of their lives aside from their gaming activities. Freelancers and influencers are also among the target audience of Ozan SuperApp.

Besides, the Ozan Business solution we offer to businesses includes many services such as virtual and physical POS, payment gateway, online collection solution and card storage feature.


For us, digitalization means access to new markets and instant communication with our teams who are in our offices located in different parts of the world. Our first priority is to ensure that our teams meet performance criteria, reach company targets and increase competitiveness while working at any time or any place they want.

“Gamification” will become a key component of our corporate culture in the coming period as our second priority toward the goal of encouraging the satisfaction, engagement and participatory entrepreneurship of our employees thanks to the culture we have built through the strength we draw from this transformation.

Our third and final priority will be to increase the diversity of our incentive and reward systems, which complements our first two priorities. It is very important for us that everyone can express their own opinion about our corporate culture and the products and services we offer to our customers. We will always support every process that leads to good ideas. All in all, I can say that the aspects that we characterize as digitalization priorities are the cornerstones of our corporate culture.

Technologies that will shape the industry


AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain are the three technologies that are extremely important to us. In the context of customer satisfaction, we have observed that AI-based services provide great efficiency in terms of cost optimization since they provide fast guidance and solutions in customer communication.


Since Ozan SuperApp will serve a wide customer base and offer tailor-made solutions, one of the topics that we will work on is to offer customized campaigns, products, and services by making deep segmentations with “machine learning” and modeling the behavior of the masses in the macro and micro-segments.


We have observed that the concept of ownership has been redefined by NFTs and the rules in the finance world have been rewritten by decentralized finance (DeFi) structures, decentralized applications (dApps), and DAOs within the blockchain technology. Therefore, as a fintech, we are closely following blockchain. We think that these three technologies will soon take their place in our lives, not only in financial services but also in services that we regard as fundamental in many different fields.