para dergisi, ömer suner röportajı

Traditional Finance Falls Behind | Para Magazine | Jan 2022

Ozan SuperApp Global CEO Ömer Suner also spoke at the panel. Suner stated that the gaming journey that started with Angry Bird on smartphones has evolved into today’s esports. He said, “With the developments like 3G and 4G, the game industry started to gain a different momentum. We tried to present a payment method with fintech and these global brands.” Suner also stressed that Ozan SuperApp Global is very popular among gamers. Saying that there are more than 30 million gamers in Turkey, Suner added, “Our esteemed friends who have gathered here are trying to offer gamers their services and products. They are trying to make them esports players by providing the best services and products. We are well aware of the demands of the 30 million gamers. From joint prepaid cards to Turkey’s largest esports arena, we have created many significant added values. And now we are striving to achieve better.” Underscoring that especially young people and young gamers in the financial ecosystem have serious needs in terms of making and receiving payments, Suner pointed out that traditional financial services have fallen behind in keeping up with the pace at this point.